Thursday, August 31, 2017

1st 9 weeks-week 2

Dear Family,
It’s been another great week in first grade!  I enjoyed sharing with all of you at Parent Information Night on Tuesday.  I emailed my powerpoint if you were unable to attend.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Scholastic Book Orders will come home soon.  All orders are due by Friday, September 8  at 3:00 PM.  You may visit: Scholastic Book Clubs  to sign up and place orders online.  (you may order from any catalogue, not just the ones I send home.)  My  teacher online code is J6BVC  
Anytime you order, our class collects points that turn into more books for our classroom library!!!

Club Night is scheduled during the PTA meeting on September 7 that starts at 6 PM.  More information about the teacher led clubs will be shared at that time.  You may even be able to sign up for some clubs that night as well. ( Please note, I will be one of the 1st grade teachers leading the STEM Club for 1-2 graders.  There will be  4 sessions offered that last 4 weeks each for 12 students a session.)

Next week...
  • Math:  We will collect data and organize data in up to three categories.  Students will represent data using tally marks and T-charts .  We will also determine what kinds of things we can learn about the world around us by collecting data.

  • Science: Students will work to classify objects by observable properties such as larger and smaller, heavier and lighter, shape, color, and texture. Students will look at similarities and differences in objects based on their properties.

  • Reading/Social Studies: We will continue setting up the expectations for Reader’s Workshop.  Students will learn what a “just right book” is and how to “shop” for books in my classroom library.  We will discuss, and I will model, what reading “looks like” when reading on own, with the teacher, and/or reading with another student.  At the end of the week, students will practice making predictions while reading a new story.   Over the next few weeks, we will we will also learn about the important symbols, customs, and celebrations that represent American beliefs and principles and contribute to our national identity.  Specifically students will explain state and national patriotic symbols, including the U.S. flags, the Liberty Bell, the Statue of Liberty, and the Alamo  In addition, students will recite and explain the meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States Flag and the Pledge to the Texas Flag, and identify anthems and mottoes of Texas and the United States.  Students will begin exploring/discovering what they know about being a good citizen and what it takes to be one through researching and investigating people in history who exhibited the traits of “being a good citizen”.

  • Writing: Students will learn that an author and/or illustrator may draw pictures to show implied space or things that don’t appear on the page, but can be inferred (are) there.  Students are invited to practice doing this in their own stories as well.  Students will also be introduced to various types of covers (wrap around, same as an illustration within book, completely new illustration, etc.) that authors create for their books and they they can too.

  • Phonics:  Students will be introduced to the sounds of and practice using each of the following :
  • hard G = “guh” sound (gap, goat, gum)
  • soft G = “juh” sound (gym, giant, gel)
  • hard C = “kuh” sound (candy, cat, cup)
  • soft C = “suh” sound (cell, city, cycle)
  • Ticky Q = “qua” sound (queen, quail, quack)
  • Sound of S = “z” sound (cheese, season, easy)
  • Sound of X (extra, excited, extraordinary)

Important Dates:
  • Sept. 4 Labor Day (No School)
  • Sept. 7 Club Night during PTA meeting that starts 6:00 PM
  • Sept. 8 Scholastic Book Orders due by 3:00 PM
  • Sept. 27 Mrs Troccoli absent-attending Science Curriculum Collaborative Meeting
  • Sept. 29  Fall Pictures
  • Oct. 9-10 No School for students

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