Thursday, September 21, 2017

1st 9 weeks-week 5

Dear Family,
Your student will receive new RazKids assignments on Fridays.  Please remind your child to read each story under the My Assignment icon 2-3 times per book before sending in a recording and doing the quizzes. Once they do all 3 components for each book (listening, speaking, and quiz) the My Assignment icon will disappear until a new assignment is made by me.  Your child should continue to read from under their Bookroom icon for additional reading practice.  Students may also complete some activities located on my website under the Practice/Enrichment tab and/or play some of the math games and other electronic learning activities located under the Kid Online Academic Links  tab on my website.  

Next week is the start of Parent/Teacher Conferences.  I will send home a written conference report with your child before our scheduled meeting so that you will have time to review your child’s progress, goals, and actions steps before we meet in person.

Next week...
Math:  We will introduce the equal sign and continue to reinforce the skill of counting-on with one and two more with various Origo activities and Math games.  Spiral skills from Kinder will still include using comparative language to describe the relationship of numbers based on Place Value and counting efficiently.

Science: This week, we will continue our unit on Changes from Heat. Students will explore how heat affects different candies and will observe heat changing pancake mix into pancakes. There will be an end of unit assessment on Friday.

Reading/SS: This week begins our study of making connections to different texts that we read as a class and independently.  Our focus for this week is on making “Text to Self” connections.  Students will explore various ways in which the books they read may mimic or remind them of certain situations that they experienced in real life.   We will also finish up our unit on Good Citizens.

Writing: Students will be introduced to nouns, adjectives, and verbs (past, present, future).  Through discussion, books, and hands on activities each student will come to understand the importance of each part of speech within their writing and how using them adds value and great detail to their overall writing.  

Phonics: Students will be reintroduced to long and short vowels over the next several weeks.  This week’s focus is on Short I and Long I.  Students will be hearing, seeing, and have practice writing various words that contain the different sounds of I.  They will also gain a further understanding into the “why?” the different sounds are made and how that sound changes words and their meanings.

Campus Announcements…

Registration for Math Pentathlon club is now open and will close at 9PM Friday Sept 15. Here is the registration link that has all the information:  

Important Dates:
  • Sept. 27 Mrs Troccoli absent-attending Science Curriculum Collaborative Meeting
  • Sept. 29  Fall Pictures
  • Oct. 6 Mrs. Troccoli’s class will have a substitute teacher from 11:30 AM to dismissal
  • Oct. 9-10 No School for students

Library books are due every Tuesday and RAZ Kids reading assignments every Friday

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