Thursday, September 28, 2017

1st 9 weeks-week 6

Dear Family,
Tomorrow is picture day!  Please send your child to school wearing a huge smile!  Also, send in the order form if you plan on purchasing pictures.

Next week...
Math:  This week we will begin our unit on nonstandard measurement. Through various hands-on activities, the students will explore measuring different items using different tools. Students will gain the understanding that objects will have different measurements depending on the tool used.  Longer tools will have a smaller amount used because it will need less tools to measure the item while shorter tools will have a greater number used because it will have need more of the tool.

Science: This week, we will begin our unit on Forms of Energy and explore light energy. Students will learn about light energy through hands on exploration and activities. Throughout this unit, we will look at why energy is important to everyday life and we will explore some common objects that produce energy and discuss how they help us.

Reading/SS: Through mini-lessons, reading a variety of books over famous inventors/historical figures, and independent reading practice, students will explore and discover what it means to make connections from one book to another.  By making text to text connections students will come to understand that connecting meanings between texts adds to the overall comprehension of reading a text and truly making meaning of what they read.

Writing:  This week students will revisit: capitalization, punctuation, nouns, verbs, and adjectives that were introduced a couple weeks back.  We will also spend time creating class stories through different shared writing activities.  With these stories, students will be “sharing the pen” and adding their own ideas that will keep the class’s story going.  Students will also participate in some fun hands on handwriting activities.

Phonics:  Students will be reintroduced to long and short vowels over the next several weeks.  This week’s focus is on Short O and U and Long O and U.  Students will be hearing, seeing, and have practice writing various words that contain the different sounds of O and U.  They will also gain a further understanding into the “why?” the different sounds are made and how that sound changes words and their meanings.

Campus Announcements…

The Wall of Champions will be back again this year! Send a picture of your child being active! There are two options for submissions.

1. Parent may print and submit through teacher a printed picture size 5x7 or smaller by 10/13.  Parents, please write the grade on the back of these pictures. Pictures will NOT be returned.

2. Parent may email digital pictures throughout the year to  Parents will need to include the grade for the student in the subject line.  If submitting for more than one student, a separate email per student will be needed.  

Important Dates:
  • Sept. 29  Fall Pictures
  • Oct. 6 Mrs. Troccoli’s class will have a substitute teacher from 11:30 AM to dismissal
  • Oct. 9-10 No School for students

Library books are due every Tuesday and RAZ Kids reading assignments every Friday

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